S. Korean Civic Group Accuses N. Korean Leader of

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S. Korean Civic Group Accuses N. Korean Leader of Genocide before ICC

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A South Korean civic group has filed an accusation with the International Criminal Court(ICC) against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, claiming he committed a genocide during the political purge of the regime’s former second in command.
The Seoul-based North Korea Strategy Center, working for the North Korean human rights issues, visited the ICC in The Hague on Monday and submitted a document accusing Kim of genocide and other anti-humanitarian crimes against his uncle Jang Song-thaek as well as his family and followers in 2013.
It is the first time Kim was brought to the ICC on the charge of genocide. Last year, Kim was accused of the inhumane treatment of North Korean workers overseas and the inmates in North Korean political camps.
Kang Chul-hwan, a North Korean defector who now heads the civic group, said that a prosecutor at the ICC told him that the ICC will make a decision within three months on whether or not it will launch the investigation into the accusation of genocide against Kim. 

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